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Virtual assistants so good, we hired them ourselves.

Hire professional virtual agents for as low as $12/hour


Rated by over 1,000 Clients worldwide


“R-Hire is all you need to ramp up your business. Their VA are reliable,
professional, and knowledgeable. We’re happy with our R-Hire VA,
and looking to hire more in the near future..” - Amet

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33 mins ago

Hey - could you please complete this task ASAP?

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24 mins ago

Hi Jack, working on this right now.

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5 mins ago

This task has been completed!

Andy marked this task as complete

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1 min ago

Perfect - thank you very much!

Adrián Rivera Hernández
Appointment Setters

Edgar Tinjaca Posada
Transaction Coordinator

Dorne Luizen Ocampo Gacayan
Social Media Manager

Dun Oliver Abiera
Outreach Specialist

Jeff Jovellana
Video Editor

Laura Isabel Castaño
Lead Generation

Marija Josifovska
Admin Assistant

Michelle Malolos
Data Entry Specialist

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Rated by over 1,000 Clients worldwide

Scale efficiency, and time freedom for your business.

We built an extremely successful real estate business
using 100s of VA. The agencies we found struggled to
find us a top talent, so we decided to do it ourselves.

Today, we have mastered the process of finding the very best VA down to
a precise science. Our VA guarantee results that matter. 10x leads for a
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“Out of all the agencies I have tried to work with, R-
Hire was the only one who understood what I needed.
They know the basics and assure efficiency and
accountability with every VA they provide. I would
recommend them to anyone who wants to upscale
their business soon.” – Amy Myers

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A business model with VA is future-proof. You'll have better access to the best talents from around the globe, and pay less to hire them.

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We’ve designed a fool-proof VA screening process, based on our own experience. These are the best Virtual Assistants you’ll find anywhere, period.


Rated by over 1,000 Clients worldwide

Services our virtual assistants provide.

At R-Hire, we understand that every business is unique. That's why we offer a wide range
of services to help you from general admin tasks to the most specialized skill you need.

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Rated by over 1,000 Clients worldwide

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The sourcing process usually takes 2-3 weeks. It can sometimes take a little longer depending on the experience level you need, the current pool of candidates, and how quickly we receive important information back from you such as job description, etc.

Yes. We can source out VAs who are willing to work on the work schedule you have specified.

Since we aim to connect you with VAs who will have a long-lasting working relationship with you, we do not recommend paying on a per hour basis but instead a fixed monthly rate. The rate would then depend on the skills, tasks, and experiences required in your Job description.

We sure do! You can sign up and start earning commissions every time you bring in clients to R-Hire.

We are a global company. Our VAs are mainly from the Philippines, Colombia, Costa – Rica and Mexico.

Virtual assistants so good,
we hired them ourselves.

Hire professional virtual agents for as low as $12/hour


Rated by over 1,000 Clients worldwide

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I almost gave up on hiring virtual assistants because of many failed candidates. They all seem to
work fine at first but end up having problems with attendance and work ethics. R-Hire did not only
help me hire competent people, but also made sure we had a healthy working relationship with
each one of them. They’re definitely more than just an agency! - Marc Davis